About The President


As current chapter President, my ultimate goal is to excel in achieving our mission in providing transformational service to our local, national and international communities. This should be achieved with the leadership and commitment of each of our facets which are Services to Youth, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services, The Arts and Health and Human Services.  The Links as an  organization is known throughout the El Paso community as an advocate for social  justice, a leader in serving youth and senior citizens, providing ministrations for the homeless and under served . The Links are especially  recognized for our strong bond of friendship. It is my aspiration that we continue to partner and collaborate with other  organizations with similar missions and combine our resources to make an even greater impact within the community we share.  Above all, it is my earnest prayer that each member of the El Paso Chapter maintains our physical, mental and spiritual well being in order to fulfill our ambitions.

My professional background is as a RN, BSN, MSA with focus in Nephrology  and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I have been married to Bobby L. Middleton for over 56 years.  We have two children, Kevin and Capri Middleton with three grandsons, Chance, Keishon and Phillip.  My journey in Linkdom has spanned over 27 years, since 1993.  I joined The Links, Incorporated because of it's mission of service to the community and their bond of Friendship.  Over the years, I have served as  Service To Youth Chair, Health and Human Service member, Recording Secretary, Vice President and President for two terms.  The most rewarding position I have held was with Services to Youth. It is truly rewarding to educate, guide and help our youth to acquire lasting life skills and to assist in reaching their educational goals.

The El Paso Chapter, The Links, Incorporated is an organization of service, utilizing the expertise of each member who are professionals, working together in friendship to achieve it's mission, while maintaining our African American legacy & culture.

"Going Forward in Unity, Friendship and Engagement"


Beatrice Middleton
The Links, Incorporated,  El Paso (TX) Chapter President 2020-2022


Core Values

Our core values are friendship, integrity, honesty, service, commitment, family relationships, courage, respect for self and others, legacy, confidentiality, responsibility, and accountability. The members of The Links, Incorporated are influential decision makers and opinion leaders. The Links, Incorporated has attracted many distinguished women who are individual achievers and have made a difference in their communities and the world. They are business and civic leaders, role models, mentors, activists and volunteers who work toward a common vision by engaging like-minded organizations and individuals for partnership.